Spring begins

First day of spring

“Spring begins” is what it says on my calendar. In the field, there’s a foot or two of snow everywhere that’s flat, with piled high snow banks and deep drifts wherever possible. The sun is getting higher and hotter by the day, but the air’s stayed cold to freezing. Today looked a lot different than this time last year, but not so far off from late March 2006. Nothing a couple of warm days and some rain won’t fix. Predictions are for a drawn out wind down to winter around here, but I’m expecting anything and imagining a warm and sunny early spring…starting any day now. As usual, we shall see!

7 thoughts on “Spring begins”

  1. I like your optimism. I’m trying not to feel down about the snow we’re predicted to get here, and it does help to think that it could be gone as quickly as it comes. And after all, it’s an excuse to extend my cocoa-drinking!

  2. I am so with you! The second day of Spring in Minnesota brings flurries and predictions of 3 – 7 inches. Nothing that will last too long, of course, since as you say, the sun is growing in strength…and there’s a bit of rain in the forecast. But I’m getting tired now, of “weathering winter”…time to get on with it. A soup day for sure!

  3. No you know pictures like this that are the same from year to year, and before and afters are the real reason I blog. It’s so great that you can look back and see where you’ve been. Do you purposely take pictures at the same places? Awesome.

    PS – Thanks for the extra long, longest comment ever. I shall try to reply. If that’s possible!

  4. Gosh, I’ve just seen your snow photo! We don’t get snow that deep nowadays here in London (England not Ontario!). Although we used to when I was growing up. Is your veggie planting season very short there? how do they cope with the snow?

  5. Well, I knew there were places with more snow than I’ve got on March 24. And there you are, most likely with more snow as I write this.

    We have a 40 day growing period here in the mountains (Jackson, Wyoming). Your site has inspired me!

    Thank you for the blog.

  6. Cynthia: Wow. You did say “40 days”?!! You can see how ignorant I am about conditions elsewhere (and I’m always up for being amazed…), but I guess it was a typo, you mean 140 days?! We’re about 135 days, frost-to-frost, at least, in the old stable weather years.


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