Greenhouse out in the cold

Greenhouse in snow, early March

Checked out the greenhouse, haven’t been out to see it in a while. As usual, it’s there! I’m still always…pleased that it handles whatever weather comes at it, no problem. The first installation, it was in the middle of a 9-acre garden and hayfield, no nearby windbreaks, for five years unfazed, through real blizzards and windstorms that felled trees and took roofs off of houses. Reliable!


8 thoughts on “Greenhouse out in the cold”

  1. What a nice surprise on this lovely spring-like morning! Mike is back…. and all is right with the world. I’ve missed your contributions more than you could know. Glad you’re still with us. Farm on!

    • It’s greenhouse plastic, 6mil from what I remember (and what it feels like), UV-stabilized and rated for four years. It’s been at it for nearly double that and still not shredding. It was never clear but a lot more so, and has gotten quite cloudy over time. I haven’t changed it because it’s used only briefly in spring for seedlings. I’ve been told that big commercial greenhouse growers change plastic when it loses 1% light transmission due to clouding, but that’s a different game entirely. I’d take their trashed plastic, no problem. :)

  2. On the subject of first hoophouses, I just saw this in an old post from 2007: “It took me a season to get over being amazed that the hoophouse was still standing after bad storms—I’d actually head out in the howling wind in the middle of the night to check!” Hahaha.

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