It’s gotta be summer!

Wayne doing tractor yardwork

Wayne doing early evening yardwork SHIRTLESS on one of his trusty old tractors means it’s gotta be summer, right?! Well, this is actually only the first day of spring, a balmy 27ºC (80ºF) day that even managed to get the sweat rolling just a bit around midday walking around the field, and cooled down gently as it pulled into dusk. Nice, but freaky. Late March in the last few years around here has often been pretty clear of snow, but day after day of summer temperatures like this…not nearly. Birds are twittering, the grass is greening, and garlic is already pushing up through the mulch. Crazy weather continues…

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    • I’m curious to know that, too. I’m certainly advising everyone to hold off on most of the planting, other than perhaps putting out some greens and peas and early stuff like that for fun. But I see more disadvantages than advantages of planting out now.

    • I’m just following the sun, not the air temperature: stronger and longer days till the solstice in June, then going the other way. For hardy greens, I’ll seed some as soon as it’s dry enough to till, and that seeding may be earlier by a week or so than some years, because the ground has started to warm up earlier. And of course peas as early as possible. That’s all pretty much as usual. I’m enjoying the freaky warmth, but not trying to grow by it just yet!

  1. We had the same summer here in Monctn, New Brunswick. It lasted about 2 days but I was able to get out and start a bit of yard work. Sure would have been nice to have a tractor.

    This is the first year I can remember that I was able to be out working in the yard

  2. Same here! It went from mid-80s all last week to much colder this week. We’re so glad we didn’t start planting annuals — though I’ve heard violas and some other flowers can handle cold.

  3. We had some really great weather there for awhile, now things are cold, especially at night. I am starting my plants indoors.

    We just started a Garden Club, if you would like to link up,.. stop over. Most of us are not real gardners and are just having fun with it.
    The post you link up does not have to be a new one

  4. Great website. This is my first visit. You certainly have a lot going on on your 2 acres. Your Tiny Farm concept reminds me of a book that has become a favorite of mine. “Five Acres and Independence” was originally published in 1935. Written by M.G. Kains, it offers common-sense wisdom into farming techniques that the author found successful for living independently and efficiently on 5 acres. I believe more and more people will do as you are doing and return to the idea of growing food on small plots of land, especially in this challenging economy.

    Please visit our website and help preserve a PA farm from development and subdivision with your comments and emails.


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