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Greens machine!

Greens harvest cart

Surprise! I feel like a kid with a new go-kart. I plan to learn how to weld this year, and I’d been discussing with Bob this specialized harvest cart as a first project. Well, he went ahead and whipped up his own interpretation, using parts that were hanging about. Voila! The cart sits over a bed of mesclun, spinach or other low greens, wheels in the paths, you lean forward to cut, and move it a foot or two at a time with your feet. The minute I sat on it, the improvement from crouching or straddling the bed and bending over was clear. Cutting in comfort, and it’s supposed to near double your speed. It moves easily even in pretty wet soil, and the height seems right, but it’s still a prototype, to be harvest-tested and refined. Over the season, I cut TONS of greens (maybe not literally, but feels like it), so I’m excited!



  1. That looks really useful! Anything that keeps you from having to bend and crouch has to be an improvement.

  2. Chris

    Every year I tell myself I’m going to make one of these, bike wheels, shelves for plug trays, mulch laying, row marking, solar powered, oh-ya, one of these days…

  3. Jotham bessey

    I am going to make one for this year

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