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Enter the Riot Garden

[From 17-Jun-2013] Tried this a couple of times before, to varying degrees of success, a small garden within the market garden, a kinda test/demo back yard-sized plot. One year, it was an elaborate set-up we called Home Garden, masterminded by Shannon: after a great start, I think it eventually went…

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Chicken Tractor: The Book

CHICKEN TRACTOR! My book-of-the-moment, a happy find at the municipal library (thanks to Kendall, I rediscovered LIBRARIES a couple of months ago—haven’t held a library card since school days, long, long ago). The chicken tractor concept is simple, and it’s been chatted about around here quite often over the last…


Fully enclosed, at last

A 10-hour day with Bob, and plywood is up on the four walls of the new seedling room. It’s rough work, with an uneven floor and really uneven joists to cut around, either spend forever measuring and marking, or recut by increments for tight fits, or do the cut-outs generously…

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