Herbs return

Overwintered sage and thyme

Sage and thyme don’t look like much as they roll out from under the snow, but they’re good to see. Another chilly day, slightly above zero, but COLD. Still, the sunny days lately have been heating things up, and the snow is slowly receding. It’s pulled back from around the greenhouse, and it’s starting to retreat over the herb patch (that’s sage and thyme at the far end). The REAL melt-off starts tomorrow…!

Snow pulls back from the greenhouse

3 thoughts on “Herbs return”

  1. This site always fills me with floral excitement.

    I planted herb seeds for the first time ever about 2 months ago (chives, thyme, marjoram, parsley, basil, tarragon and rosemary). Are you telling me that these plants are perennial? Woohoo! ‘Cause they’re a bear to sprout. I STILL haven’t got the rosemary going successfully.

    If you don’t mind doing some instruction, how do you keep your herb patch weed free?

  2. My fiance was eyeing all the herbs at the nursery today. He pretty much decided he wants one of “each” for his birthday so I guess we will be trying to keep a full fledged herb garden going in our apartment. Wish us luck!

  3. Kevin: Most of those will last you for some years, and down south, you won’t have to dig ’em up and bring ’em inside all the time… Bonus! Year to year, for weeds, I don’t do anything, really. I should probably mulch over the beds in fall once the plants have died back for winter, but I don’t… In spring, they come back, and I start weeding all over again…

    N & J: You should have a great time with your herbs. Many of them seem to be almost completely trouble free, although I watch for caterpillars on parsley and dill, and something I haven’t yet spotted can munch the basil pretty good (although, indoors, I guess you mightn’t have these particular pests…). Rosemary, sage, thyme, tarragon are all perennials and should do fine in pots. You should definitely read up a little on each one, try searching for “indoor ______”. When you do a little extra research, you almost always find tips on one link or another that apply exactly to your situation! Herbs will be fun!! :)


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