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Hardening off onions, leek, parsley

Man, what a difference a day and a bunch of degrees can make! The temperature didn’t exactly shoot up, but it went from hovering around daytime zero, to around 10°C (50°F). This was one weather trend, predicted on the 15-day-forecast weather site, that I figured wouldn’t suddenly go south (it’s gotta warm up sometime), so I’ve been waiting for it, to the day, for a couple of days now. It’ll get steadily warmer for a week or so, than maybe drop a bit, but even if we get another BLIZZARD, the ground will have warmed up enough that new snow won’t be able to stick around for long. So, I do believe, SPRING IS HERE!!! I woke up to sunshine, and without even checking the temperature or confirming the forecast, set up a table outside the Milkhouse and out went the leek, onions and parsley for a little rapid hardening off. Getting them out to the greenhouse in a couple of days will free up a lot of rack space! Wandering around the field a bit, checking the melt-off’s progress, I poked around the edge of the Jerusalem artichoke bed. The ground was still fairly frozen, and had melted to clayey muck only in spots. Poking around in a soft spot at the base of one of the plants, I came up with a handful! First harvest! The tubers look beautiful, the ones in the front of the pic about marble size, the biggest in the back, like a golf ball. As seed stock, there’s going to be a ton from the 45 pieces planted last year. I didn’t end up harvesting any in the fall; now, I’ll get to for the first time eat ’em!

Freshly harvested Jerusalem artichoke



  1. Hooray! Those trays and chokes look beautiful!

  2. Some days I think I take frozen again over the mud and muck we are having now. Enjoy the chokes and the pending spring.

  3. christy oneal

    Who, look at all those seedlings! They are gorgeous.

  4. Hi! Looks like you have lots of experience with herbs and veggies. Your site looks yummy. I heard that yellowtail butterflies are attracted to Parsley and that they either eat it or lay their eggs there. I want to attract butterflies to a deck container garden this summer mainly just to admire them. Any suggestions?

  5. PlantBuddy: I don’t know anything particular about attracting butterflies. We get a few different ones through the garden. Different butterfly species are attracted to different flowers as adults, and to other specific plants to lay eggs, so it sounds like you need a list! I tried searching for “attract butterfly garden” and found a bunch of pages… It sounds fun to try, except I wouldn’t want to be inviting…pests, so here I’d probably have to take care what I ask for!

  6. Jerry Trell

    my partner and i published basically very a identical piece awhile previously, thus i figure excellent minds feel alike

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