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Tag: sage

Front yard farming!

Often heard about, never before seen first-hand, this is front-yard tiny farming in action—late fall edition. I’m at the home of Andrew and Sue and Margo, in a town of 70,000, leaning on the front porch rail on a residential street lined with single homes on small lots. Typical front…


Green on green

Tiny farming has given me an extra appreciation for the color GREEN, in different shades, shapes, textures, combinations. Green on green. My favorite greenscape so far is probably row upon row of different varieties of bush beans, each with their own shade, deep and dark, to delicately lime-hued. Today’s small…

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Herbs return

Sage and thyme don’t look like much as they roll out from under the snow, but they’re good to see. Another chilly day, slightly above zero, but COLD. Still, the sunny days lately have been heating things up, and the snow is slowly receding. It’s pulled back from around the…