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Ice storm


Ice storm. Some strange, quick mix of rain and freezing cold that puts a thick coating of ice on everything, and creates thick little icicles wherever water drips (like, above, from the 3-point hitch that’s attaching the rototiller to the tiny tractor. Quite amazing, and a little alarming as well when you pass under big trees drooping and sagging under the extra weight. Massive branches falling and whole trees toppling are taking out power lines all over, it’s already been out for 12 hours in places around here, and the radio’s saying it might not be restored for another 24 hours. Back to the Stone Age. The Ice Age. At least, the pre-Electric Era. No Internet at night? Light a candle, or use your long-lasting LED headlamp, and read a book!




  1. Your photos are really good, are they HDR? They look it slightly but not excessively. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The photo’s capture that clearness. The look like the are done with a DSLR camera.

  3. Wow these photos are stunning!

    Love your blog, thanks for sharing! It’s very inspiring, someday I hope to have a tiny farm! :D

  4. Hi Peter, This is Philip from Kilpatrick Family Farm in upstate NY. Michael knows Drew and Joan prtety well. We recently transferred our farm blog ( over to wordpress. I stumbled across yours today and I really like some of the things you’ve done with it. One question though, what plugin are you using to link Facebook and WordPress? Which one are you using for your recent comments?Best, Philip

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