Tape time!

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Tape time again, measuring out this year’s market garden. I’ve come up with various schemes to do away with this step as an annual thing, but end up wanting to move things around, or accidentally tilling under a critical stake or two left from the year before. The method is pretty primitive:  walk around with a 200′ reel tape measure, trying to keep things square (the 3-4-5 trick!), staking an outline that can be used later to easily line up smaller sections as needed. That’s Rochelle at the other end, doing this two-person is the preferred way to go. The eventual result: a new garden map

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  1. Hey, the more organized you are, the more efficient your farm will produce. By having the grid system, you can cycle the land regularly to let the nutrients come back and recover. The map looks very straight forward. Nice job.


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