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In the beginning, again

Seedling room set-up

There is really no one absolute moment when a new growing season begins, so I guess today is as good as many to make the call. All the familiar gear is in a new farm home (there’s a bit of backstory here, that I’ll eventually get to in the About…), and right now,  we’re setting up the light racks and getting ready to seed. This will be my eighth season of tiny farming, and it should be an interesting one!



  1. Tony

    So excited for the new growing season.  I started my peppers last weekend.  I already have my onions and celery under the grow lights.  Within the next 2 weekends I will start my tomatoes and broccoli.  Woohoo!!!
    Nice to see you come back after a long winter!

  2. I am always nervouse that I will start things at the wrong time as every year is so different.  I guess you just kind of have to let go and go with your instincts in a way.  Good luck with your plants :)

  3. Your seed starting room is way too clean and organized– it’s making me feel inadequate! Just kidding- kind of ;-). I’m super-excited about the new season, too. I have peas germinating in the ground, plus chard, celery, spinach & onions on the racks. Planning on starting tomatoes and peppers today!

  4. I am totally awe struck at how organised you are & HOW MANY trays you have! I think I drooled. LOL
    I’ve got several of my seeds started already. We have such a short grow season here that I need to start earlier this year.

  5. Paul R

    Mike, you have surfaced, we all have been going through TFB withdrawl! Welcome back!

  6. Granny Miller

    Welcome back :-)

  7. So exciting!  I started some onions last week and a few others things as well.  Can’t wait for the growing season.

  8. Thanks! The last three months spent in town have been…interesting, for sure. Now, it’s good to be back on-farm. And on the blog, too. :)



  9. Agro Malaysia Portal

    I’m very interested when I see your gardening stuffs keeped in tiny and clean! keep up your good work

  10. vermicomposting

    You’ve got quite the enterprise there. Looks well organized and efficient. There’s something very rewarding about that process.

  11. shell

    Ican’t even begin to describe how jealous I am of this room. This is amazing!

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