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Lettuce landscape

Plugsheets of lettuce

A tiny landscape of lettuces: Especially with the hot, dry weather we’ve been having, you can’t go wrong with a few trays of leaf lettuce seedlings, lending support to the baby greens in the field! Transplanted at 8-10″ spacing, lettuces in a variety of colors and shapes—oakleafs, salad bowls, lollos—can be picked at least a couple of times as leaves for a bigger-leaf greens mix, or thinned as they start to really fill out, with two or three varieties bundled and the rest left to grow all the way. Lettuce options!



  1. In the summer season, the only thing I eat at dinner is salads. One of my favourite ones is a mixture of variously coloured lettuces, iceberg salad and the tasty rocket salad. It is an amazing combination, especially when you grow them at your own garden.

  2. My husband loves to garden so we will enjoy reading your posts.

  3. Carol

    Can u recommend how to water lettuce with drip irrigation?

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  5. There’s no comparison between fresh lettuces and those that are store bought. Planted arugula this past spring for the first time. So peppery and delicious. Thanks for the great blog. Loving your stuff!

  6. Krati

    Can lettuce grow in hot weather without shade ? Mine’s bolted. However it is growing wonderful in the now cold weather of New Jersey. I am a small market gardener from New Jersey. I am just beginning. Your lettuce plants look lovely.

  7. I like Lettuce very much.thanks for sharing valuable information.

  8. This is interesting, I never thought of having a lettuce landscape. How much easier is it to water and take care of opposed to regular grass?

  9. jnimanes

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