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Barnyard at night

Barnyard at night

Here’s what I see coming out from the Milkhouse at night, as I head to the house. Facing is the goat barn, with the big old barn out of frame to the right, the farmhouse off to the left behind the rail fence, and the curve turning into the on-farm lane that meets the road. (I borrowed a tripod to check out photos by available light. It’s cool, way more picture possibilities. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks, avoiding the annoying flash.) The light from the street light-type lamp pools brightly right below and fades across the yard. (Without that lamp, it would be pretty near pitch black around here unless the moon was out.) The scene seems sometimes picturesque, sometimes a little ominous, that desolate, deserted parking lot look…but it’s only the Farm. As far as anyone remembers, the lamp fixture was rented 20 years ago from the provincial hydro company, they still come around every few years in a huge truck with a cherry picker to change the bulb, or tube or whatever it is up there. I could call and find out the details, but at the moment, they’re not important…



  1. j.a

    looks like Canada…

  2. I dropped by to wish you Happy Christmas!

  3. This is so familiar. We live on a 35 acre plot of dry ground north of Saskatoon. We used to exist with a plain 300 watt bulb yard light but now have a hi-pressure sodium on a timer. Sadly the lights of the city are creeping towards us.
    Merry Christmas from Saskatchewan.

  4. Thanks, ewa! Have a great, happy holiday yourself!

    And as well to you, Clayton! Hi-pressure sodium: is that what ours is?! The longer I’m on the farm, the less driven I am to absolutely search out the proper names for things, as I used to be. As long as I know what it does, how to handle it, I’m not in a rush to …label, the name will come along in good time… I looked up high-pressure (and low-pressure) sodium, they sound super-efficient, so now, I’m curious about our lamp… :)

  5. I think I blew it. Ours is I think, the Low pressure (I’ll have to go and check)which gives you the orange/pink light. It seems to light up the whole yard. I remember having a girlfriend who’s father had a mercury vapour light near his granaries and in the deep of winter there was an arc in the snow on the roof of the nearest granary (right to the shingles) which could only have been the energy from the light. Interesting. Still makes a nice scene in the deep of winter. We have had an ongoing challenge as our power bill is always higher than the neighbours and we don’t heat our water or cook with electric. The big detective program starts after Christmas to find what we are doing wrong.


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