Manure spreading action!

Spreading cow manure

A satisfying few hours today, spreading year-old cow manure on the market garden. Bob and the old White 70hp handled the spreader (and you can see a rock picker attached in front!). I used the Kubota compact tractor to fill from the aging pile in the yard outside the loafing barn. Spreading, and the infrequent moldboard plowing, add up to an average of maybe a couple of full days a year of big tractor action. For 2007, this was a good chunk of it! (Guest photo by Karen.)

4 thoughts on “Manure spreading action!”

  1. LOVE that shot! Makes an otherwise sh*tty job look like fun! Then again, I’m a city girl dreaming of owning my own 2 acres someday, so kind of got the rose-colored glasses going on. Love your blog, thanks for sharing with the world! MJ

  2. Hey Melanie J: Well, I’m a not-so-distantly city guy myself, and I do try not to romanticize things, in my head or here on the blog. After five years of…just doing this, it’s still great, I’m always waiting to see what’ll happen next. I think the feeling of confidence that slowly comes from seeing over and over that things work out, and even when they don’t, they do, can come from doing anything, but best from the farm. ;)


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