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More on the carrot-burlap method

Burlap-carrot close-up

From the last carrot planting of the year, a new development in the burlap method! The variety is Nelson, and germination in less than a week was so vigorous, the seedlings came right up through the fabric, where in all previous seedings, they remained scrunched under. I’m not sure whether the burlap wearing down and loosening up helped this effect, or that there may have been less of a gap between burlap and soil due to a shallower seed furrow. In any case, it’s working better than ever! Rolling up the burlap, the seedlings slip through with ease, while most of the little pigweed emerging alongside get yanked by their aggressive leaf growth. Perfect!! (Clearly, I have carrots and pigweed on my mind…)



  1. What an awesome site and undertaking!! So glad I found this site. Are you in the U.S.? I’m trying to correlate what you are doing with what is going on in my garden, but not sure what zone you are in.

    I’m curious as to how much, roughly, a CSA share is worth where you are? I have a little over three acres, and you are making me think very hard about wanting to leap into tiny farming (as opposed to the truly tiny farming I do for my own family!) Not for the money, needless to say, but for the satisfaction.

  2. Portia: I put our location in About… The “secret” was out a while ago. :) As for tiny farming, I highly recommend it to…everyone! Though of course, it’d be easier for some than others, like everything else. I took a quick look at your blog, you seem to be in the lawyer biz, now that’d be a nice leap, lawyering to (tiny) farming. CSA shares in North America this year seem to be around $400-500(US) for a 16-20 week season. You can easily do that sort of research online, what farms are including in shares, all that. From my humble little bit of experience, balancing the workload and revenue potential, you aren’t going to easily match an “affluent North American standard of living” from farming, but then, I’d imagine the whole point and motivation of TFing is to achieve a different balance, satisfaction that isn’t mainly a function of consumer purchasing power, instead, comes in large part from what you do all day, from improved health, better order of relationships with people around you, and so forth… You could do say 10-20 shares, cover all expenses for your gardening year, but it’s the near full-time commitment that probably returns the most in satisfaction. Maybe make sure your shareholders participate, $X plus X work hours as the cost of the share. If you can afford to be extremely selective about membership, requiring work could take a lot of the pressure off and increase…satisfaction. ;) Boy, so complicated, anyhow, that’s my answer.

  3. Hi There!
    I love this image! Would I be able to use it on a Wellness and Whole Foods website I am building? I would credit you for the picture.

    Thanks so much.

  4. Tricia

    I love this image. Would I be able to use it on an organic & sustainable product website I am creating.
    I would credit you guys for the photo.

  5. vibeke gottlieb

    Could you please tell me where I can buy burlap as shown at your website.
    Best regards Vibeke

    • I’d also love to hear your source … could you post it please so that we can employ your beautiful model??? In the meantime, you can find me scrounging for used coffee ground sacks from the local grinder…cheers!

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