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The Friday harvest

Harvesting beet greens

If it’s Friday… This week’s big harvest was the smoothest yet, with everything in, sorted, rinsed, bundled, bagged and COUNTED by around 8:30 pm. The crew this week: Sherry, Andrea, Molana, Lynn, Cezary, Conall and me. I’m over being slightly unnerved by the number of people—my reflex is still to wonder, “If I had to, could I do it all myself?”, but now it’s also…no worries, it’ll get done! Here, Andrea, Sherry and Cezary harvest beet greens, thinning at the same time. (And that’s last plantings of more beets to the left, carrots up top under burlap, and summer squash under row cover off to the upper right. Demolished pigweed strews the path.) In today’s harvest: beets, beet greens, eggplant, mesclun, arugula, carrots, green onions, potatoes, 60-80 units of each.



  1. Steve Mudge

    Good lookin’ produce! We just put the lettuce and other green’s seeds in the ground this week–can’t grow them during the summer here in Texas–its too darn hot…have to start them out in the shade now, then transplant in late September to open beds. Then put more seed under cover in January and harvest before the summer heat builds again.

  2. James H

    Really nice site. I was wondering how I can get in touch with you about using one of your pictures in a class homework assignment. The web site would be up for about 3 weeks starting as soon as I get permission. Please let me know! Thanks…

  3. Nicola

    Great work! Good blog! really I’m inpressed. I’m tring to build up a kind of CSA in italy with less then 2 acres (yes… I know it will be a micro-microfarming project ;) ).
    don’t mind my blog link I’m still working on it without a real connection…
    Here in italy we are undergoing a extraordinary heat for the season so I’m tring to put down my seeds under a rack of straw to protect them by sunlight and excessive evaporation… but I think a large number will cook!
    thanks for some inspiration!

  4. James H: Glad you like the site. Sure, use whatever you need for your assignment!

    Nicola: Cool! I stopped actively listening to and reading the daily news earlier this year, so I’m only vaguely aware of this year’s heat waves in Europe, but your brief description really brings it home. Here, it’s hot and dry, with only about 40mm of rain in the last 50 days or so, but it’s not terrible, the irrigation pond isn’t drying out or anything, and temperature’s usually just up to 30°C. I did see a photo of a river in Italy that had totally dried up this year. Yikes! I guess our planet really is falling apart…at least as far as comfortable human habitation is concerned. It’s hard to believe and get a practical grip on…for now, guess I’ll keep on gardening… :)

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