Night work

Post-harvest after dark

In the fall, post-harvest work doesn’t necessarily end when the sun goes down (it’s dark by about 7:30pm right now). Actually, this year the fall Friday harvest has gone great, with Lynn, Libby and usually Michelle knocking things off in the field by around 5pm, with only bundling and rinsing to go. But I’ve been wrapping up with the crew by 6, taking a break, and doing whatever’s left on my own…later at night. It’s something I’m used to from the first few seasons, when the mainly solo harvest usually went straight through until 11pm or midnight. Tonight was the first time I’ve hauled out the light stand this year. It’s around 10pm, the two lights specally installed on the side of the Milkhouse for this purpose are on (they’re both regular 100W bulbs, the full plan is to install floodlight fixtures), and there are twin 250W all-weather halogens on a stand. It’s not perfect lighting, but quite enough to get the job done without stumbling around. Tonight is a quick set-up to rinse carrots and beets. Full-on post harvest lighting includes a second light stand, with both set higher up and beaming down, and floodlights properly positioned, to give pretty good 360° coverage of the work area, and enough illumination to watch the mud wash off…

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  1. I’ve been following your blog – I love it. Small scale like us, and you’re doing such a great job sharing it. I had to laugh, reading that you pulled out the lights for the first time last night though – we’re just the opposite. Last night was the first time this season we were actually done by 6 PM, not pulling out the lights. Usually we’re sorting, packing, loading until well beyond midnight, sometimes all night to make it to the 3 AM Saturday market.

    Reading your blog is inspiring. So much on small space. Great Job, and thanks for sharing. Susanne 

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