Not turkey, beets!

Bowl of beets

While a bit of a tradition of leftover-turkey crepes were being cooked up for brunch this morning, I was eying the leftover boiled beets. It was something about shapes and the muted, earthy shades of purple, and maybe the bowl helped along the effect. Soothing. Mesmerizing. I couldn’t stop staring. Guess I’ve got veggies on my mind… These were beets from the basement, roughly cut up as you can see, a mix of red (probably Scarlet Supreme) and white-with-red-stripes Chioggia, which were colored by the red beet juice. Boiling this time round was easier, though baking is the favored way to cook ’em. Anyhow, possessed by the beets, I brought them out into the light to take a picture, grabbed the first suitable surface to stick in the snow (a wooden bushel basket, upended), and took a pic. The color is sort of as I saw it, but you really had to be there for the full effect. Stare into the beets… Like I said, veggies on my mind! :)


8 thoughts on “Not turkey, beets!”

  1. A beautiful photo of delicious-looking beets! I can picture them now with walnuts, olive oil, sea salt and minced parsley next to a grain pilaf with goat cheese.

    I’m so pleased to find your website! I have a little 3-acre plot near Markdale, you are inspiring me to cultivate it. All the best for your Tiny Farm in 2008!

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