Or the oregano…


A solo weeding day for me. There’s lots of mostly PIGWEED, shooting up faster than the crops, loving the rain and bursts of heat, with or without sunshine. So, a photo of WEEDS, or a random, up-close look at…oregano? I went for the oregano, which is doing great after thinning the three-year-old patch earlier this year…

2 thoughts on “Or the oregano…”

  1. I would absolutely LOVE to see a series of photos of weeds on here describing what the weed is, where and how it appears, organic means of defense, etcetera… I have a hard time finding out what weed is what in my own garden and this would be a great help.


  2. Any suggestions for preventing pigweed?  If we don’t pull it when it first comes up it seems to grow by leaps and bounds overnight! And it doesn’t seem to be hampered by mulch.  I have heard it is actually good to eat but have yet to find a recipe.

    Great picture by the way!


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