Eggs everywhere!

A dozen eggs

Barely a week after the arrival of the laying hens, egg production is in full swing, with about 20-21 eggs a day from 25 birds. From the start, all of the hens took to laying in one particular nest, I only occasionally find the stray egg elsewhere. They’re averaging about medium size, getting closer to large by the day (that’s the extent of my egg size terminology so far). Donated stacks of egg cartons are coming in from all directions. We’re surrounded by tasty little brown eggs…!

7 thoughts on “Eggs everywhere!”

  1. I bet they will sell well at the farmers market!
    I wish I could have chooks in my yard, but sharing with a German Shepherd (who loves to play with anything) and a Dachshund (who hunts anything) they would be terrorised in their yard from the outside.
    I guess I will have to keep buying free range eggs from else where.

  2. Hens are so funny about the nest boxes.  We have 8 hens, and three nest boxes.  The other day, I heard this huge ruckus in the coop, so I went to look, and found 3 hens in one box with a fourth trying to squeeze in.  And 2 empty boxes next door.  Enjoy!

  3. It’s illegal to sell ungraded eggs at the farmers market. There is a hefty fine. You can sell them at your farm gate, but you can’t truck them to the market unless they’ve been candled, disinfected and graded. The health inspector where I live is enforcing the rule and we’ve had some colourful discussions about it but some places in Ontario are letting it slide….I hope you are in a good location.
    I can sell chewing gum, candy and chips at my market but I can’t sell fresh eggs or carrots without the tops on….how stupid is that!

  4. ungraded eggs rules are very restricting…..we would like to sell our certified organic eggs at the farmer’s market but they would have to be graded ……. every week i take 400 dozen to the grading station to go into an organic egg pool …..but i can’t be sure that i get our eggs back if i could arrange to purchase them back from the grader.
    we would have to use new cartons as well….
    instead we have people get eggs at the farm using an honour system….they take the eggs and leave the money in a tackle type box.

    i have never heard the rule about carrots with tops …..what about beets with tops ….pretty silly

  5. Our kids love fresh eggs, they won’t even eat a store bought egg anymore.  We have 8 hens now and get 5 or 6 eggs a day which is about right for us.  Glad your chcikens are doing well and good luck.


  6. Just curious, are you thinking about letting a couple of the eggs hatch so you have your own little circle of life? Or just going to order more chicks next year? Wonder how well raising your own works…

  7. I have free range chickens, but having problems with them laying eggs everywhere but their nesting boxes in the coop.  We found them in outbuildings, grass. I have thought about keeping them pinned in for a couple of days, but would like any recommendations?


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