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Pigweed piled high

A mountain of pigweed

A vast repository of uprooted pigweed is collecting by the wagon load in the southwest corner of the field. It’s crazy the amount of effort that’s been put into pigweed pulling this year, that in addition to hoeing and tilling in younger specimens. The pigweed pile has already achieved almost surreal dimensions and a fascination all its own. I stop and gaze at it on the way by… What can I say? PIGWEED!!!!! Guest photo by Mami.



  1. I will never complain about my pigweed again.

  2. Really enjoy reading about the tiny farm. Keeping up with your pigweed exploits, I’ve been thinking that you may want to consider keeping rabbits or livestock that really likes pigweed. I assume your pigweed is the amaranth variety in which case bunnies like it and it is high protein. Just thought … and great manure!

    Keep up the great work!


  3. Andrea

    I haven’t read a post from you yet that addresses the pigweed resurgence this season! Was all our pulling in vain last year?!… looks like the devilish weed is back in full force. Just so you can feel better about this weed, however, I just spoke to a tiny farmer from Grand Forks, Okanagan a few weeks ago that has verification from plant biologists that a higher number of grusome, hellish weeds are prolific where he lives than have been identified anywhere else in the world. Listening to him describe in detail how difficult it was to pull out the roving vines made pulling cute pigweed seem heavenly!

  4. Andrea: Yeah, in full force, running WILD. There’s a lot of that ol’ hand pulling to do…again. Grass mulch has worked great where it’s been applied, but that’s not much, just tomtoes (in-row, not the paths) and garlic. That’s tiny farming in this field, for now… ;)

  5. Jake Marion

    That Pigweed as you call it is also known as Lamb’s Quarters, is part of the spinach family and is highly nutritious.
    You may wish try researching lamb’s quarters, educating your clients, and selling this plant.

    • Cred

      From the close up photo on another post, the weed tinyfarm is referring to isn’t lambs quarter (although that’s what my dad used to call it, too). What they’re referring to as pigweed is a type of wild amaranth- pretty tough and unpalatable.
      But lambs quarters, yes, delicious- I find it similar to young spinach- and like tossing it into soup.

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