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Market wares

Today’s wares set up behind the stand at the farmers’ market. First thing in the morning (that’s around 7 am), we open and arrange all of the crates and use them to stock the stand and assemble CSA shares. Here, we’re partway into the morning—as the day progresses, crates get stacked. Visible in the pic, an assortment of mainly heirloom tomatoes, carrots, assorted sweet peppers (we picked a lot of ’em green before turning to red rather than let them shrivel in the near-drought conditions), various beets, garlic, and green and yellow beans pre-packed for the CSA. As for the traffic, the day was on the quiet side, despite great weather—it seems the fresh, local, organic trend so pumped in the media this year, and apparently somewhat sweeping the cities, is taking its time hitting the countryside. All in all, though, a decent Saturday!



  1. mary

    This is a great phopt and a good follow up to your last whiteboard one. It all starts out with a list, X’s, check marks, and ends up like this!
    You humans are always at battle with the elements and you seem to be coming out ok! If it’s not the friendly racoons, it’s the ferocious pigweeed, the lack of rain , or some kind of bug or pest. I am amazed.
    Keep up the battle. Mother nature must love you all.

  2. Erin

    That is a lot to harvest!!!
    We felt terrible last week knowing that we couldn’t be there!
    We shall see you this Friday though!!

  3. Huh, I thought I posted a comment to this one a while ago, but it seems it disappeared. Just wanted to compliment you on your beautiful photography; you really manage to capture the vivid colors and seasonality of life on a farm.
    Also, I wanted to ask how you decide what tiny farm blogs to put on your blogroll… any chance there’s space for one more?
    -Lynda at

  4. Lynda: Thanks! I took a look, you recently posted a comment on another post: The View in early August. I’ll check out your blog as soon as I can, I’m just so behind on reading… I add links to blogs that I’ve read quite a bit of, usually over a period of time, so that goes kinda slow in the summer!

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