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New view of the field

View from atop the stand

A new view of the far end of the field, taken from on top of the soon-to-be-roofed farm stand. The garden looks shockingly half-empty to me, but in fact that’s only due to being more on top of cleaning up finished sections than in years past. Also, most of the current crops happen by this year’s rotation to be way at the top: squash, corn, tomatoes, brassicas, and the last two plantings of carrots and beets are off in the distance. I’m broadcasting oats into the empty sections and hoping for WATER to fall like manna from heaven so there’ll be a decent amount of fall growth. Lots of clouds but still no rain…


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  1. Wow. The new view of your fields looks like a real-life “Farmville” I look forward to seeing a fruitful harvest on your farm!

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