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Potatoes go in

Gold Rush potatoes

Gold Rush potatoes, ready to be buried. Potatoes are yet another work in progress, as I experiment with simpler, better ways to grow ’em at my particular hand-tended scale. This year’s seeding method: use hoe to make shallow trenches, drop potatoes every 18″ or so (more spaced this time than the usual 12″), walk down each trench stepping them in with ball of foot, fill in trench. Quite relaxing! The selection this year is basic, the usual: Gold Rush, Norland, Yukon Gold, 300 pounds (136 kg) in all.


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  1. […] is about 2000 plants. Every year, I’ve tried a different potato approach—last year, I made much shallower trenches with a hoe: as far as set-up, this time around was the best yet. The onions are in a bit later than usual, […]

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