Puddle gauge

Puddle\'s a good rain guage

Ah, it’s really raining now… Still chilly, but wet! The jumbo rain gauge, entering its third season, is definitely a winner when it comes to recording in millimeters how much rain actually came down, BUT, the puddle on the path outside the Milkhouse front door is really the first line of rainfall appreciation. It’s amazing how heavy a downpour can look, sound and FEEL, without delivering much water at all. But the puddle doesn’t lie. It takes about a half inch (12mm) of rain within a few hours for it to even show up, so once it’s there, you know it’s good times for growing… No numbers to process, just…RAIN!

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  1. Dear Sir/Madame
    I really liked the picture that you used for the blog…”Puddle Gauge” and I’ve found it very suitable for a blog artice which im planning to write. Can i use this picture if u dont mind that is? this is purely for personal use and not for any commercial use.
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