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Pumpkins come in

Connecticut Field, Neon, Jamboree, Small Sugar and Snack Jack pumpkins

A leisurely late afternoon harvest yielded one trailer and one tiny tractor bucket piled with pumpkins. I didn’t count—there’s more to come—but I’d guess around 70. Pumpkins don’t have a big market value here just yet, but they’re fun to have around and they generally come through with little care. These guys received absolutely no irrigation and suffered somewhat for it, but they managed! The varieties: Connecticut Field and Neon for the bigger orange ones, Snackjack and Small Sugar for compact (3-5 lb), CSA share-ready selections, and Jamboree for that bit of difference (they’re the greenish-grayish ones). We’ll clean ’em up and lay them out on the nicely roofed farm stand to give the stand a bit of a purpose for fall!

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