Riding the weather

Overnight snow blanket

If this first half of winter is any indication at all, the upcoming growing season could be a really crazy ride. After the extensive one-day melt-off, just four days ago, followed by an immediate plunge into bitter cold, the snow came back just as quickly with a one-day storm yesterday and through part of last night. I deliberately don’t watch much news anymore, but I did catch the weather report of this massive, North America-wide blizzard and/or ice storm, depending on where in its path you happened to be. (At the same time, I saw reports of weird heavy snow stranding millions in China, and freakish winter tornadoes somewhere else.) Well, here we didn’t get that heavy a blast, maybe six or eight inches, but enough to instantly restore classic winter conditions. The photo below is snow plowed aside in the barnyard this morning, the rail fence peeking out from behind is 5′ (1.5m) high. Now, it looks like 50°F (10°C) and rain for at least a day or two mid-week. If that happens, IT’LL ALL BE GONE AGAIN! This is the THIRD major full-snow-no-snow cycle so far this winter, and it looks like more to come. I know this extreme weather is a global thing, we’re ALL feeling something wild, but I figure, keeping a daily-or-so journal of what’s going on on THIS tiny farm, I ought to get it down anyway. For the record! :)

Accumulated snow

5 thoughts on “Riding the weather”

  1. Would you believe that we are at 77º here in Oklahoma today?? It is so unbelievably awesome but I think tomorrow we’re plunging intot he 30s. And last Friday we had snow… weird weather!!

  2. I can’t get over the weather you’re having – apparently there were a couple of snowflakes in the rain we had today according to the lady at the tree nursery I went to. I’d skirted the rain so hadn’t seen any.

    I’m told by all the locals that this winter is much warmer than usual and that last summer was much cooler. The weather does seem to be changing doesn’t it?

  3. Yes, the weather is crazy. Those “freakish winter tornadoes somewhere else” hit pretty close to me. I’m in Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA, the SE corner of the state. Find the southern tip of Lake Michigan and follow the western side of the lake up about 150 miles and that’ll be pretty close to where I am.

    One funnel, that did no appreciable damage, was about a mile and a half from my house. Another one destroyed 30 houses in the western half of my county.

    This is my first post here since discovering this blog a few weeks ago. Hi, Mike! Thanks for keeping us all up with what you’re doing.


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