Arugula emerges

Newly emerged arugula

That was quick! Early morning, and the arugula (and Granada lettuce) has popped up in barely two days. Air temperature in the Milkhouse where the grow racks are stays mostly in the 60-65°F (15-17°C) range. Around the plugsheets, the close fluorescents warm things up an extra 5°F or so, and the clear plastic over the trays creates a little greenhouse effect that adds at least a couple more degrees. Altogether, ideal germination temperature! It’s kinda fun to think you’re in control of precisely what’s going on, but in any case, however they pulled it off, the first seedlings of the year are good to see! :)

5 thoughts on “Arugula emerges”

  1. Congrats on the first seedling of the year

    Makes you realise why it’s called Rocket over here. 2 days is impressive though and seeing the seedlings does make you think that spring is on it’s way.

    Last year as one planting went to seed I pulled the lot and used it in Pesto instead of Basil. Very peppery but I enjoyed it but then I like the taste of Rocket anyway.

    Are they ordinary fluorescents that you use?

  2. Deborah: Yep, they’re regular fluorescents, cool white. I wrote out my little storehouse of fluorescent experience in another comment recently. I’ll repost it to Tiny Farm Forum, if you’re interested, you’ll see when it’s up in the topics list near the top of column furthest to your right. I dunno what the Euro standards are, but maybe it’ll apply there too!


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