Screen table

Screen sorting table

The new screen table was this year’s big addition to the washing up section of our little post-harvest processing area. Building it earlier this year was quick work: some 2×6 and 1×2 lumber, screwed together, with 1/2″ hardware cloth sandwiched in as tight as I could get it. Hardware cloth is the mesh of choice because it’s welded where the wires cross, so leaves and the like don’t get snagged the way they would in plain woven screen, like chicken wire. Positioned on sawhorses close to the washing machine and tubs makes it easy to pluck crops out of the water and onto the rack to drain. Simple, inexpensive, and one of my favorite bits of harvest gear… The last couple of harvest Fridays have been more work for fewer people, as part of the summer crew left at the beginning of September. With the days getting shorter as well, it’s the first time this year we’ve been finishing up the sorting and packing after dark! This week: mesclun, beet, carrot, spinach, radish, kale, tomato, potato, a few cauliflower and broccoli, squash, hot and sweet peppers, and onions and garlic from storage…

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