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Seedling room settling in

New seedling room mainly packed up

Things are moving along on all fronts, some less visible on the farm than others, like calls to locate various local suppliers, supply runs to the nearby village (pop. 2,400) and the bigger nearby town (pop. 70,000), and so on. The actual UNPACKING is going at a steady pace. The photo above pretty much sums things up so far for the new seedling room. There’s still a fair bit of finishing to do,  and for that, we’re going to have to work from one side to the other, moving things back and forth. The computer is online, which is good, being able to check things out on the web is a big part of my tiny farming this time of year. I set up a couple of light rack shelves for the seedlings that’ve been started, but most of the lights are still packed away with the composting toilet. Around 25 harvest bins, doing moving duty, are still stacked, contents waiting for shelves—I labeled each one, so it’s not too hard too find stuff needed now. And the calendar is getting ready to flip again!



  1. Shibaguyz

    Great looking room! Totally jealous, of course…  ;)

  2. Tammy

    We are avid gardeners, but we have never started our own plants from seed before.  So, we are prepared with all of the supplies except the lights — and I am wondering what you recommend (as you obviously have some experience to draw from) ?  We have a 70×80 garden and are in zone 7, so lots of things can be sown into the garden … but peppers, tomatoes,  the herbs, etc need to be started.  Any assistance would be appreciated.

    Grace & Peace,

  3. Tammy: (Sorry, this is a re-answer, I didn’t really answer your question the first time!) The basic, short answer is: 4′ cool white fluorescent lights, like your basic twin-tube shoplight fixture. They’re inexpensive, easy to set up, and perfectly good for seed-starting. There’s a quite detailed thread about that in Tiny Farm Forum: Seed starting under lights. That should have enough info to get you started, and if you need it, you can look up more info from there. Hope that helps!

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