Fun with harvest bins

Harvest bin pyramid

After rinsing harvest bins for the regular Friday harvest, instead of spreading them around to dry as usual, I stacked ’em high to represent the house-of-cards global economy—I was trying to illustrate a point! What on Earth? Well, a few days ago, I became sadly hooked on the US presidential election action, especially on the endlessly fascinating PALIN. I slipped off the wagon and started obsessively sneaking in quick peeks at CNN through the day, and actually WATCHING in the late evening. This is so not in sync with the natural flow of…tiny farming. It’s been a couple of years now since I actively stopped consuming news: no TV, newspapers, Web, radio, just no news, except what came by word-of-mouth. (No-news really does wonders for your head…) Suddenly, I was back in, in an intense but luckily limited-to-presidential-politics way. Or so I thought. Earlier this week—overnight, it seemed—the ENTIRE U.S. ECONOMY STARTED TO MELT DOWN, and now the election thing has gotten SO MUCH CRAZIER. Wow. Anyhow, after I’d stacked the bins, Lynn and Libby tried to rapidly destabilize the economy by throwing potatoes at it—guess my model wasn’t too realistic, ’cause it wasn’t easy to knock down… We went on to a great harvest day, beautiful fall weather, a fine time to be in the field!

Financial crisis well-covered

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  1. Fascinating, maybe. Qualified, NO WAY! To have graduated with a political science degree and not be able to cite one single Supreme court case other than Roe V Wade is sad. To not know what the Bush doctrine is, even though you support it, is sad. To claim your proximity to Russia – even though you’ve never actually seen the country – gives you foreign policy experience is sad. To have gone over 45 years without getting a passport is sad. To think that this woman might get elected as Vice President of the United States along with the oldest elected President ever, who has a history of health issues, is down right SCARY.


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