Slightly snowbound

Greenhouse after the (latest) storm

Another snowstorm, come and gone. It snowed steadily all of yesterday, with pretty high winds, but most of the accumulation seemed to be overnight. Today, azure skies, brilliant sun, tons of snow in drifts piled high. Looks like we’re one more heavy fall away from all-time records. I heard there’ve been over a dozen school snow days, compared to three or four a season in recent years. Here on the farm, no extreme hardship so far (knock on wood!). In the barnyard, we’re running out of room around the edges to pile up more snow, and in the field, it’s a couple of feet deep, but snow has kept off the Milkhouse roof, and the main worry, a flattened hoophouse, hasn’t come close to happening. The wind built up the drift on the south side (both photos), and just to be safe (and for the first time ever), I scooped off the new stuff, down to the harder-packed, more permanent base. Luckily, the side walls are inflated (a fan on a looong extension cord continually blows air between two layers of plastic), so the surface is quite taut and doesn’t sag or hold snow easily. And that’s it. Back to waiting for the snow to go…

Digging out the greenhouse

2 thoughts on “Slightly snowbound”

  1. What a great photo! The patchy snow on the roof looks like cloud cover seen through plastic. Very nice.

    We’ve barely any snow here in north central Minnesota, but it hangs on because the temps have stayed so low until just this week (30’s…hoo! hoo!). But I can definitely relate to this photo and to the additional waiting it implies.

    Last year on April 3rd (for Pete’s Sake!) we had a storm that left 12 inches…just when it looked like it was most certainly going to be spring. Keeping my fingers crossed this year!



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