Back to the field!

Greenhouse clean-up

Last seen planting garlic in November as we headed into winter, Lynn is BACK IN THE FIELD, getting a head start on spring. It was great to see her again and…continue! We headed out to the greenhouse and spent three hours or so, bagging the last of the grass mulch, pulling weeds, forking beds, chatting and basking in the sunshiny, 25°C (80°F) greenhouse weather! I also brought out a tray of arugula, couldn’t resist posing it in the snow… It felt excellent to get started out there. Fun!

Arugula en route to the greenhouse

3 thoughts on “Back to the field!”

  1. That arugula looks great, how close are you to harvesting it?

    Weather here is warming too (15°C plus some rain) but I was outside for a while in t-shirt and thermal vest! I’m even thinking about sowing a few seeds and hoping that the soil dries out enough to be able to dig it before the plants need to go in.

  2. Deborah: Here in Ontario, winter’s really hanging on this time around. The sun is climbing and you can feel it getting stronger by the day, but nights are FREEZING and there’s so much snow. So, this arugula is really ahead of schedule, I haven’t transplanted it yet. So we’ll see if this survives and starts growing out when it’s finally in the ground… Normally, arugula is ready to pick in 30-40 days, so with this batch, that’d be early April. I was hoping we’d be eating it any day now…


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