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Sprouts—the tinier tiny farming! After two Saturdays of buying them by the bag at the farmers’ market, I’m totally hooked! I want to grow sprouts, the nutritional claims are quite amazing, most of all, I really love the taste and crunch of EATING them (mostly, by the handful).

Until our first harvest, we’re dropping by our market to stroll around, chat, and buy food. It’s only been a couple of weeks, but I already have a routine with favorite stops, including one to get salad greens (first time in a few years that in-season salads aren’t homegrown), and one for SPROUTS!

I get the megamix, with a little of everything. Can’t even remember the whole list, but there’s something spicy, tastes like mustard, pea, kale, broccoli, I think, lots more.

Sprouts aren’t new to me. As a kid, I remember my mother growing a jar of bean sprouts for a regular Asian-style stir fry-type dish she made, and I’ve bought usually alfalfa sprouts for sandwiches, but I never really NOTICED sprouts till now. They’re great. So, it’s figuring out the simplest way to grow a wide variety for a steady personal supply…



  1. I love growing and eating sprouts too.  That megamix sounds so fabulous, will have to see if I can find some.

  2. I have tried sprouting and don’t seem to have the knack for it. Right now too busy to mess with them, but as soon as it slows a little more, I will try again.

    Maybe I can ask questions of you and you’d be able to help me. :)


  3. Amanda

    Delicious looking sprouts! I recently got into sprouts and tried baking with my sprouted quinoa in bread. It was tasty. I hear the health benefits are out of this world. Have you tried sprouting wheat grass?

  4. I started sprouting a couple weeks ago and am surely hooked.  First week was moong beans, and they grew so fast I had fresh and tasty sprouts within only a couple of days! Even though there is a local producer, this is as local as it gets from my own kitchen, and so much cheaper too.  This week I’m doing a mix of lentil and adzuki beans, they are sitting on my counter and should be ready soon :-) I always ate them by the handful as a child when my mother made them, this takes me right back!

  5. Hannah

    Sprouts are tasty and nutritious! A friend of mine who was undergoing a treatment program when you only ate raw foods after her chemo treatment got me hooked.
    Thanks for featuring them

  6. Surprisingly, but once you try to grow sprouts, you really get hooked! It happened to me to, and I know I’m not the only one..I guess because they are easy to grow, tasty and it’s much cheaper to grow them then to buy, sprout are growing in popularity : )

  7. I love sprout! I remember as a kid being VERY skeptical when my sister would order them on her sandwiches, but then I tried them and they remain one of my favorite sandwich staples to this day. Another great use for sprouts is in this recipe for Soba Noodles with Tofu Miso Dressing – the sprouts really add a nice crunch and the salad is super easy and very tasty (and healthy!). Try it out and enjoy!

  8. easiest way to be growing them for …
    get a mason jar, chuck your seeds in there. take the screw on lid, and some mesh- instead of the metal top lid- cheese cloth will work, or clean window screening.. screw the lid on to  hold the mesh in place, pour water in, swish it around, dump out most of the water. put your jar under a dish towel to keep out most of the light.
    rinse your seeds in the morning, and again at night. it’s just enough water to get them started, it keeps them contained, and you can watch them growing!!! mung beans are super easy to start with… I have a friend who set up a container on his window ledge in the kitchen to hold all his mason jars… all diff’nt sprouts…..
    so pretty.
    yum yum!

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