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Transplanting team…

Transplanting brassicas

Another big Friday showing of people in the field: Chris, Libby, Jordan and Lynn transplant broccoli and cauliflower, while Andie is on a solo rototilling mission in the other field. Later, everyone got together to plant a few hundred onion seedlings and sets. And some other stuff got done.

Although we’re in the thick of it as far as timing and weather and urgency to get things out, our spring schedule is slower than it could be, and the field days are so far fairly laid back. Slowing things down is the start-up stuff: a ton of tillage to do (working in the grassy remnants of last year’s hay field), water for irrigation to put in place, electricity to run, chickenhouse to build, and a long list of other basic things that we have to put in place along with starting the season’s crops. Getting it all rolling together on this new farm, now that’s fairly intense!



  1. Xavier

    Hi Mike,

    I have been following your blog for a while now, more or less 18 month, on a daily basis. I might have miss something. Why did you move ?


  2. Mike

    Consider growing your onions in soil blocks next year. Using a 20 blocker (slightly less than a 2in block), I’ve put 4-6 seeds. Thinned down to 4 plants per block. In the field put each block on a 1ft in row and 1ft between row spacing. It’s easy to transplant, easy to weed and they’ll size up just the same.

  3. Tim

    You guys amaze me. What a great farm you have there. We have a plot that is 24 foot by 32 foot and it seems huge to us. Rain has plague’d us for weeks now, and we still have over half the garden to get in. Hopefully I will get the tiller running this weekend and get the rest of it in.

  4. Great Farm.  Enjoy your blog!

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