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Sweet potato thrives

Sweet potato at one month

A month after transplanting the slips, the sweet potatoes are thriving! I’m still entirely unsure of the eventual harvest, but these plants are a low-maintenance pleasure so far. Almost every slip, even most of the ones that turned into tiny, leafless stubs for a while, managed to establish without any care at all, not even watering in after transplanting. Cool!


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  1. Steve Mudge

    Ours are running all over the place–up the fence, out into the back alley…about the only vegie that’s really thriving in the super heat and worsening drought of North Texas this year. The others are doing okay but even with thick layers of mulch they still need a lot of water–I think the soil is so dry the neighborhood trees are sucking all the extra water out of the ground under the mulch.

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