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Tag: cover crop

Oats vs pigweed!

The cover crop-smother crop-green manure oats is doing rather well! Strolling by the several sections checkerboarded through the field is one of my newfound small fall pleasures. It’s so vigorous and vibrant and…vigorous… In different sections, you can also see pigweed and round-leaf mallow in mad profusion, but low to…



Promptly the day after the first rain in a while, OATS is surging up. Actually, strips of oats in one section planted a few days ago are appearing, the rest to hopefully follow just as vigorously. Oats anywhere but in a breakfast cereal bowl is a first for me. As…


Crops for Fall

Newly released from row cover, five new beds of brassicas (cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, kale) get ready for Fall. Beyond, tomatoes (and beyond that, the farm across the road, they gather honey). In front, a vacated section that contained the season’s first planting of peas seeded way back in April, and…