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The rhubarb debacle


Debacle may be a little strong, the future of my newly established rhubarb patch is not absolutely dire, but it’s not looking perky just yet. I’ve so far managed to spot only half a dozen of the 50 odd transplants I set out last year in spring. I’d ambitiously dug up part of an ancient patch in the house garden (it needed thinning anyway), divided out a ton of roots, and planted at least 50 on 3′ centers (hopefully, I’ll be able to count ’em in a couple more weeks) in a permanent spot in the garden field. I can’t quite remember what I was thinking: eventually, rhubarb for an entire village?! Problem became the low priority of rhubarb in the busy year, upkeep of the patch got away from me, and it grew over quite heavily with grass and other weedy items. Also, fewer, denser plantings might’ve been a better idea. But rhubarb is tough, I dunno if it can be smothered by mere other plants… We’ll soon see!



  1. laura from loon

    Hi Tiny Farm, thanks much for your comments on my blog and the great reminder to exercise my blogging skills a bit more often. no worries, we’ve got weeds, but we did move into land that had been organically managed and well-kept for 10+ years. once we find our own little farm, we’ll probably start from square one.
    It looks like you are in a warmer zone than us, esp. since it is a -1 windchill here today. Good luck with your season and I’ll be reading…

  2. Hey tiny farmer,
    thanks much for your comments and reminding me to get back and blog! we’ve got the weeds too, no worries, though we did start farming land that had already been organically managed for 10+ years and always well-kept. It was a good base to start from, but when we eventually purchase our own little land we will probably start from square one with the weeds. Good luck on your season and I’ll be reading.

  3. Hi laura,

    Sounds like you had a good headstart on your weeds, whatever the way, those pics of your pristinely weed-fee beds are stuck in my mind for the season. That’s good!! I really haven’t seen many other market gardens, literally NONE close up in person, and only a few in photos. It sounds strange, but there it is. It’s all farms around here, but not…small-scale market gardens. Since I started, I’ve been meaning to drive around, find some, ask to take a tour…

    Thanks for the luck! I’ll be checking out your site too!


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