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Rosemary cloned

Rosemary clone

The little gamble on propagating rosemary from frail cuttings paid off at 20%. Out of about 40 starts, eight took root, this without any sort of rooting compound. I put them in 3″ peat pots yesterday. They’re headed for the summer herb garden.



  1. I love doing cuttings. You get so much for so little… one box bush becomes one box hedge!

  2. Yes, it’s extremely satisfying, different from starting from seed. I wonder if this is the same feeling that makes some folks want to clone chickens and sheep and people?! :)

  3. Dave

    That isnt Rosemary.

  4. Brian

    Can anyone direct me toward details on how to clone the Rosemary?  We use it for some of the breads that our bakery produces and use are using much more.
    Oh and Dave you need to do your research…

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