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Arugula under cover

Arugula under cover

Last night, the greenhouse low was a chilly 5°F (-15°C): the arugula, spending nights under 3-4 layers of floating row cover, still seems to be doing fine. Especially with more extreme transplants like this—a long time in the plug sheet, then an abrupt jump to the harsh greenhouse conditions—there’s a critical period of a few days, waiting for the stressed little plants to settle in. Cover at night, uncover in the morning, till the weather warms up…



  1. So this is a little off topic, but the row covers you mentioned made me think of it — anyways, I visited colonial Williamsburg (Virginia) a while back, and they had probably 100+ glass bell jars on a cart near the edge of their farm. I asked what the bell jars were for, and they said they were used by the farmers in the old days to protect seedlings from cold nights and harsh weather. I imagine a diligent farmer walking through rows of seedlings delicately placing jars over each one to protect it… then I imagine current industrial ag…. what a juxtaposition!

  2. sunwarm

    Love to see plants growing IN THE GROUND! As I’ve gotten into market gardening, I’m finding that garden structures – cold frames, trellises, fences – are some of the most important parts of having a productive garden. Your little arugulas prove that. The cooperative extension (do you have these in Canada? -you must) is giving a workshop on growing in high tunnels next week -perfect timing for me. I’ve been planning to erect some this spring, so now I’ll get some real details.

  3. Andrea

    I still think of your farm every time I gorge on arugula (I’m never delicate in my indulgence of this, the finest of leafy veggies). Think a Vancouver CSA membership is out of the question?

  4. Andrea: Well, or you could drop in for a day a week, reacquaint your hands with same old dirt… Lynn, Erin and Mike, and Conall are all back for some portion of the season, maybe Cezary, too…why not you!

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