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Tag: cool season crops

Cold-grown salad

Cold-grown: Tiny lettuce leaves, crisp, fresh and delicious…and grown oh so slowly, without cover, in the unheated greenhouse, through many freezing nights, some down to -15C. Still a while till it’s big enough to harvest, and it was seeded way back at the beginning of October: that’s already 50 days…

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Arugula under cover

Last night, the greenhouse low was a chilly 5°F (-15°C): the arugula, spending nights under 3-4 layers of floating row cover, still seems to be doing fine. Especially with more extreme transplants like this—a long time in the plug sheet, then an abrupt jump to the harsh greenhouse conditions—there’s a…


Kale under…snow

Another installment in the snow-covered series: Winterbor kale! I’m so used to rollercoaster weather and the new winters that never really get started, it’s kind of a shock to have this much snow for three days in a row in November. And there’s no melt-off in sight, with the 15-day…


Brussels sprouts

A pleasant fall surprise, at least one of two beds of Brussels sprouts (planted over five months ago) has come through! A bed each of Oliver and Jade Cross (hybrids both) received no water and looked mighty stressed and strained for all of the droughtish summer. The recent rains brought…

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