Seasonal salad

First lettuce salad of the season

The first harvested dish of the year here usually comes from early lettuce, but not usually from lettuce still in plug sheets. With my ambitious early salad greens timing, and the way colder than hoped for weather, transplanting to the greenhouse was delayed by a couple of weeks, and the lettuce seedlings stayed in trays and went crazy. Today, I started thinning them heavily for the move, and ended up with a healthy portion of baby leaf salad! This is a mix of Simpson Elite, Granada, and Two Stars. The colors are still indoors pale, the taste and texture delicate. With a simple olive oil and lemon juice, salt and pepper dressing…delicious! And still a couple more bowls to go…

4 thoughts on “Seasonal salad”

  1. Come on, Spring! It’s photos like this one that shoo any patience I have right out the door. My own indoor flats of arugula and mesclun mix are almost to the point where I can eat the thinnings… okay, I have chomped a few while watering. Is there anything more lovely than the first meal of fresh garden greens? And you are right. They don’t need much embellishment. Your simple vinaigrette is perfect. Thanks!!

  2. That looks delicious. I’m funny with salad, put it in front of me and I will thoroughly enjoy it. Try and get me to think of making one and it’s the last thing I will do. I think it’s down to the bitter tasting salads of my youth. Still I’m growing a good selection for this year and as I will have to eat from the garden I might retrain my thoughts.

    On the seedling front, the rocket and some of the lettuce seedlings were just emerging yesterday (18th) and I only planted them on the (13th). It’s like a little miracle each time that happens.


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