Won’t give in to the cold

Lettuce overwintering in unheated greenhouse

Lettuce, under a hoop-supported layer of medium weight row cover in the unheated greenhouse, is crisp, colorful, and fresh as daisies. This lettuce mix was planted in October, and some of it cut once in December, and now it’s waiting out the winter. Outside low so far: not bad, around -22°C. Kind of the same picture every time – dead or alive – but still always exciting when you’re there… (:


31 thoughts on “Won’t give in to the cold”

    • Your letucce did great. Winters here in central oregon are way to cold over winter like you even with a cloth but I do kale like that. But here’s a trick. After the ground gets worked. In a place where your going plant summer stuff before a snow. Broad cast just sprinkle seeds. Pea lettuce green onion. When the snow is gone. Everything is coming up. This works great for me

  1. I love lettuces and salads in general. I tend to be a lot more healthy in summer though. I’ve recently cut out all fizzy drinks and am only drinking water and eating a lot of fresh salads too. Pity i can’t cut out my morning cup of coffee!

  2. Great effort – lettuce like this can be so fragile especially in the winter months! It’s important to regularly keep cutting it so that it maintains a steady growth because sometimes if you don’t it can hold it back.

  3. I live in a cold are, too and I grow vegetables indoors during the cold months. It’s pretty easy, the biggest expense are the lights, but you can just use a regular fluorescent light fixture. No need for specialized grow lights or anything.

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