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Won’t give in to the cold

Lettuce overwintering in unheated greenhouse

Lettuce, under a hoop-supported layer of medium weight row cover in the unheated greenhouse, is crisp, colorful, and fresh as daisies. This lettuce mix was planted in October, and some of it cut once in December, and now it’s waiting out the winter. Outside low so far: not bad, around -22°C. Kind of the same picture every time – dead or alive – but still always exciting when you’re there… (:



  1. Andrea

    Delicious looking. Even in winter you have a very healthy lettuce.

    • Your letucce did great. Winters here in central oregon are way to cold over winter like you even with a cloth but I do kale like that. But here’s a trick. After the ground gets worked. In a place where your going plant summer stuff before a snow. Broad cast just sprinkle seeds. Pea lettuce green onion. When the snow is gone. Everything is coming up. This works great for me

  2. I love Lettuces – winter, spring or summer, I always have a special place for them in my garden.

  3. Laura Knight

    That is looking so refreshing. everybody wants good plants while growing in such cold place like this make it more nutritious. Guest Post Service

  4. Very surprising! I’ve never seen lettuces fresh like yours with that temperature.

  5. Those greens look fantastic. Well done!

  6. It is an exciting time in the kitchen garden. Looking forward to the new season. xxx Matron

  7. Looks so Green and fresh, yum!I love lettuce!

  8. I love lettuces and salads in general. I tend to be a lot more healthy in summer though. I’ve recently cut out all fizzy drinks and am only drinking water and eating a lot of fresh salads too. Pity i can’t cut out my morning cup of coffee!

  9. ilike lettuce nice picture

  10. Great effort – lettuce like this can be so fragile especially in the winter months! It’s important to regularly keep cutting it so that it maintains a steady growth because sometimes if you don’t it can hold it back.

  11. Even in the cold, your crop of lettuce looks delish! Wonderful!

  12. but why i it wont go in cold sometime it is looking so pretty .

    thank for this posting for us ,


    mansi desai

    • John Danson

      Lettuce pairs well with nearly anything! Give it a quick wash and send it my way

  13. I live in a cold are, too and I grow vegetables indoors during the cold months. It’s pretty easy, the biggest expense are the lights, but you can just use a regular fluorescent light fixture. No need for specialized grow lights or anything.

  14. No matter what season it is now, I love to eat crispy, colorful lettuce. Yours’ are looking so good at such temperature. Keep it up!

  15. Great picture. It looks nice. Bw, did you use any kind of special indoor grow light?

  16. I didn’t even know lettuce would survive in temperature that cold!

  17. I am a little confused – you are saying these lettuce are able to grow through winter in below freezing condition?

    Do you mind sharing a bit more about the varietal in future posts?

  18. Thanks for your helpful information. I would like to hearing from your more in future. and please keep continue your work and help us to give more useful information.

  19. Thanks a ton for sharing worth to spend time on reading sort of post. Keep sharing such informative posts about gardening and farming buddy. It motivates a new grower like me to yield more out of our plants.

  20. It looks great! This is a really interesting one i loved reading it. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  21. Angelina

    Good idea to protect it from the winter cold. I have a small greenhouse in my garden so I keep all my my plants there during the winter time. Also, when something have bigger requirements I grow it there from the beginning. It’s also easier to propagate plants there and the conditions are much more better: there’s lot’s of light, humidity is on the right level and also temperature is balanced. My beloved lettuce is butterhead ‘Justyna’ which seeds I get from . I’m impressed with the quality of the seeds and speed of growth. When it’s warm, I keep it also on my balcony.

  22. That’s the spirit, gardening is battle against nature or rather the insect and weather ha ha – Thanks

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