A bushel of Music

Bushel of Music garlic

A bushel of Music garlic: The bulbs were significantly smaller than expected, for no reason I could point to, but the fine, strong flavor is fully there. Still plenty of time for planting, going by the 14-day weather forecast… Cause if you can’t count on the weather, what can you count on?!

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  1. I grew garlic in my kitchen garden for 8 years, I can tell you 2 things:

    1. using neem fertilizer and not overwatering when the garlic has matured (dry stalk) will ensure that they do not blacken.

    2. Do not cut off the stalk, instead keep them uncut and make a braid tail of garlic cloves, they can then be hung in the kitchen or a barn, it will last a lot lot longer and keep the cloves from drying out.

    I learned this the from traditional farmers

  2. I have a raised bed garden and would really like to grow garlic, I use it a lot, when is the best time to plant garlic and when do you harvest it.


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