Broccoli from the weeds

Harvesting broccoli from the weeds

Michelle harvests the first broccoli from knee-deep in weeds. After taking off the row cover, it made more sense to wait a few days till harvest and then turn the whole bed under, than to spend precious fieldwork time weeding the paths—a race for the broccoli to beat the weeds before they went to seed…

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5 Responses to “Broccoli from the weeds”

  1. The knife-in-hand really makes this picture. :)

  2. willing hands organic farm says:

    nice to see I am not the only farmer with weeds-very comforting

  3. Adam says:

    You are beautiful.  I’m thinking about doing a painting from this photograph.  It’s such a timeless scene.

  4. Andy says:

    Sorry for the creepy comment but, I’d like to cultivate her garden!

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