Green on green

Parsley, sage, oregano

Tiny farming has given me an extra appreciation for the color GREEN, in different shades, shapes, textures, combinations. Green on green. My favorite greenscape so far is probably row upon row of different varieties of bush beans, each with their own shade, deep and dark, to delicately lime-hued. Today’s small harvest of sage, oregano and flat-leaf parsley, stashed in a bucket of water and headed for small bundles in the CSA shares, had a great green look. The photo, especially at this size, doesn’t really capture the simple, entrancing effect, but I guess it’s the next best thing!

1 thought on “Green on green”

  1. green on green – that’s most refine beauty of the garden. not grey, yellow and red leafed mixed together.
    I was so suprised how many green shades nature is offering.


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