First snow, 2009

First snow to stick for winter 2009

Here it is, in the dim, chilly, gray 7:30 am light: the first snow to stick this fall. Familiar—we really do have such a short growing season, time flies—and of course not welcome, because there’s still fieldwork to do. And I’ll take warmth and greenery any day. But this first round will be gone by mid-morning, and if the 15-day forecast holds anywhere near mildly accurate, we won’t be in for snow that stays for at least another couple of weeks. The last two years in this region, winter came kinda early, freezing weather and long-term snow arrived by the end of November. But the couple of seasons before that, far as I remember, we were actually WATCHING for winter well into January. So, who knows?!

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13 Responses to “First snow, 2009”

  1. Andrea says:

    Looks icey, Mike!  Glad to see you back in the blogosphere : )  I’m quite curious to see when we’ll get snow on our tiny new farm.  I’m told it doesn’t snow much near Guelph but I hope we get a white blanket over a few months anyway.  One of things I hated about Vancouver and Victoria was the lack of “real” winter weather.

  2. gary says:

    Snow – Crikey, we’ve not had a frost yet!
    We are still in mid autumn weatherwise, our lowest recorded overnight temperature so far being 6 Celsius.
    Love the blog, by the way – always an interesting read.
    Somewhat gobsmacked by your garlic planting plans – we are planting just 3 bulbs worth !

  3. Paul R says:

    32.4 F yesterday morning here in Pennsylvania zone 5B and the flowers are still in bloom! The growing season is supposed to end tomorrow though……………except, spinach, beets, mesclun and a few stray broccoli plants under two low tunnel hoop houses.

  4. Dan says:

    I’m for watching for winter into Jan! I have heard the farmers almanac is forecasting a frigid winter but on the other hand there is a weak el nino which should make for a warmer winter.  I was just out in the patch and it is freezing here in Brantford, On. No snow yet though thankfully, just 4-6c, wet and windy.

  5. Issa says:

    It’s crazy to me to think that you could have snow already! I’m in my own little bubble here, I guess. I hope to get at least another month before any snow.

  6. Mike Adams says:

    Stay warm!

  7. Paul R says:

    33.6 F  this morning and still no hard freeze! PA Zone 5B

  8. Rhonda says:

    I like your positive attitude.
    I’ts cold here in southern Wisconsin but no snow as of yet.

  9. 2acrefarm says:

    No snow here yet. We have had several frosts but then this morning it was 49F so here in Illinois the weather isn’t quite sure what it is doing. Then again that is pretty much how it always is here in the midwest.


  10. Steel says:

    Snow? Good grief!

    Nothing here in Northampton. A bit chilly now and then but not even a proper frost yet.

  11. Paul R says:

    24.6 F this morning Nov. 7, 2009, first hard freeze this fall, PA Zone 5B, so the official growing season is over.

    Under the low hoop house tunnel it is 28.9 F. Spinach has frosty leaves and mesclun we planted a few weeks back is coming up.

    I received Elliott Colemans Winter Harvest book and it’s excellent reading for hoop house growing.

  12. Steve Mudge says:

    Lowest we’ve had yet is about 49 degs here in Fort Worth…the more dramatic aspect of late has been the Seattle-like weather, which supports the El Nino theory this year….

  13. Goodness we haven’t even had a good freeze yet.  It is snowing like crazy up in the mountains around here but we are lucky if we get one or two all season.  Great shot!

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