Pigweeding and local food

Pulling pigweed

In the foreground, a pigweeding throwdown with the crew of the day: Eoghan and Alison (trying out a little tiny farming for the first time), Jo, Mami (our second WWOOFer, also from Japan), Conall. Everyone pull! (The most alarming giant pigweed specimens had already been ERADICATED by the time this photo was taken!) In the background, a house on the subdivision to the east of the garden field (it was severed from the farm years ago), home of our nearest CSA member. Their veggie farm for the season is literally a stone’s throw away—local food doesn’t get closer than that!

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2 Responses to “Pigweeding and local food”

  1. mary says:

    Hi Mike and Conall
    I like this photo. I am sure it is good to have help with those all consuming pigweeds.

  2. Phil Gatien says:

    Is that Tom Fiden it looks like him.

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