Drive shed clean-up

Valuable farming equipment

The drive shed is in a transitional mess. I’m part way through the post-season clean-up, delving into shelves, unpacking boxes, dragging things around, sorting it all out. Even with the trusty Troy-Bilt Horse rototiller as a bit of a clue (on the left, in red), to the untrained eye, it might be hard to tell that all of this is essential tiny farming gear. Who’d know that the stacks of Rubbermaid storage bins are in fact our mainstay harvest containers? Or that the weathered cedar trays and folding metal sawhorses (leaning on the left), transform in minutes into the farmers’ market stand. Those indoor/outdoor twin halogen lights are critical lighting components for after-dark veggie sorting and rinsing in the barnyard. That front-loading dryer I’ve kept around for years, in case it could become as useful as its companion the top-loading washer has been as a heavy-duty salad spinner. And so on. Every little item in the pic has its purpose. Much of tiny farming gear is plain, old ordinary stuff, pressed into garden service. And it all works!

6 thoughts on “Drive shed clean-up”

  1. You’ve just reminded me that I need to do that too! I’ve been putting it off for months but now there is less to do in the garden I might just get round to it.

  2. So glad that we’re not the only ones with end of season mess hanging around. Fascinating all the different bits you’ve turned into farm gear.

  3. Oh…thank you sooo, sooo much for posting this. The state of my garage has been making me crazy. I go in there, look around, pull out some hair, and decide to toss stuff. Then I realize I need that stuff. Organization. This is what I need. It is not one of my strong points.

  4. Hey!  That’s not a photo of your shed………….it is my enclosed front porch!! We tore down our garage so now all the junk, er necessary floatsum and jetsom is piled in hot and heavy.  Oh I am so relieved to not be alone in this mess. 



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